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2016 Guidelines

Art Contest

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2016 Entry Guidelines - Art Contest


Entry Information

For updated information on Contest rules and regulations, please see below.

The 2015 entry form is now available! Download it here.

Categories: Art Contest

  • 1st Award - Kindergarten
  • 2nd Award - Grade 1
  • 3rd Award - Grade 2
  • 4th Award - Grade 3
  • 5th Award - Grade 4
  • 6th Award - Grade 5
  • 7th Award - Grade 6
  • 8th Award - Grade 7
  • 9th Award - Grade 8
  • 10th Award - Grade 9 - 12

General Rules:

  • Participants must be 18 years or younger
  • All entries must be submitted no later than April 10, 2016
  • There will be art winners selected from each category
  • Winners will be contacted
  • Each person can make one entry
  • Participants will have their entry returned ONLY if noted on the entry form. 

    NOTE: Entries are separated during the judging process. Teachers who wish to ensure all class entries are returned are reminded to note it on each piece of art work as well as mark it on the class entry form.

Art Contest

Art entries should depict a bird of prey which can be found in North America.

  • Entries must be made on WHITE paper and no larger than 11"x17"(PLEASE DO NOT FOLD)
  • Entries must be done by the applicant.
  • All entries should be signed on the front by the artist.
  • Must be an original composition - photographs and other artwork can be used for REFERENCE ONLY


Entries MUST be delivered to:

Special Effects Art Shoppe

63 Main St W
Grimsby, Ontario, Canada
L3M 4H1




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